The Irresistible Charm of Gourmand Perfume

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"Gourmand perfumes indulge the senses in a sensual feast, transporting the wearer in a cloud of edible decadence - with notes like salted caramel, cocoa and whipped vanilla they compose a bespoke feast for the nostalgic soul, indulging the senses and transporting the wearer to a place of deliciously sensual glamour."

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What is a Gourmand Perfume?


Gourmand perfumes entice the senses with mouth-watering aromas that evoke delicious foods and treats. Their sweet, edible notes create an indulgent aromatic experience.

Think of your favourite desserts, confections, and culinary pleasures – Gourmand fragrances take these delectable scents and bottle them for your olfactory pleasure.

These perfumes are a symphony of notes inspired by the world of food. Vanilla, caramel, chocolate, coffee, almond, honey, and various spices dance together to create a scent that is almost edible. 

When you wear a Gourmand perfume, you're not just adorning yourself with a fragrance; you're indulging in a sensory journey through the world of gastronomy.

The Distinctive Gourmand Perfume Profile

  • Top Notes: Bergamot, citrus, peach, raspberry
  • Heart Notes: Vanilla, caramel, chocolate, coconut, custard, coffee, praline
  • Base Notes: Benzoin, Tonka bean, musk, amber, woods

What sets Gourmand fragrances apart is their ability to evoke warmth, comfort, and nostalgia. They often feel like a cosy blanket on a chilly evening or a warm hug from a loved one. The term "Gourmand" itself comes from the French word for "glutton," and it aptly describes the essence of these perfumes – they are a celebration of the pleasures of the palate.

Sugary, food-inspired ingredients like vanilla, chocolate and caramel form the gourmand perfume accord. Supporting floral and musk notes add depth.

Balanced and Harmonious

Gourmand perfumes balance sugary sweetness with musk or flowers. The musk adds a sensual edge, while the florals lend soft sophistication. This creates an elegant, complex scent.

Indulgent and Soothing Notes that Tempt the Senses

Gourmand perfumes are known for their unique ingredient lists, which read like a dessert menu. Here are some common notes found in these fragrances:

1. Vanilla: The Sweet Embrace

Vanilla is a star player in Gourmand perfumes. Its sweet, creamy, and slightly spicy aroma is reminiscent of vanilla ice cream or freshly baked cookies. It adds a comforting and sensual dimension to these fragrances.

2. Caramel: The Irresistible Drizzle

Caramel notes bring a rich, syrupy sweetness to Gourmand perfumes. They conjure images of caramel-covered popcorn or luscious caramel flan, adding depth and warmth to the scent.

3. Chocolate: The Decadent Indulgence

Who can resist chocolate? Chocolate notes in Gourmand perfumes evoke the scent of rich, velvety cocoa. They create a sense of luxurious indulgence and sensuality.

4. Coffee: The Energising Brew

Coffee notes add a touch of warmth and energy to Gourmand fragrances. They replicate the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, making these perfumes perfect for those who appreciate the scent of a good cup of java.

5. Almond: The Nutty Elegance

Almond notes bring a nutty, slightly sweet aroma to Gourmand perfumes. They often evoke the scent of marzipan or amaretto, adding a touch of sophistication to the fragrance.

Gourmand perfumes evoke feelings of comfort, nostalgia, and joy. Their familiar sweet scents provide a soothing retreat from the stresses of everyday life.

Explore the Possibilities

Creative perfumers continuously push the boundaries of gourmand perfumes. New interpretations mix gourmand notes with fruits, spices, and abstract accords for truly novel effects.

Where to Begin

Those new to gourmand perfumes may enjoy classics like Thierry Mugler's Angel, with its sensual praline and patchouli. Try also Armani Code for its seductive vanilla and Tonka bean.

Gourmand Perfumes Through the Ages

Gourmand perfumes came into prominence in the 90s, led by the ground-breaking Angel. The 2000s saw increased experimentation, with gourmand perfumes fused into fresh florals and abstract orientals. The possibilities keep expanding.

The Gourmand Lifestyle

Gourmand perfumes go beyond just smelling edible - they encapsulate an entire deliciously indulgent lifestyle. These perfumes bottle feelings of relaxation, pampering, and enjoying life's finer pleasures.

Picture yourself retreating to a scented bubble bath, candlelight flickering as you unwind with a glass of wine. Or perhaps cosying up fireside in a plush robe and slippers, surrounded by the scent of baking pastries. Gourmand perfumes evoke the leisure and cosiness we crave.

Gourmand perfumes also speak to enjoying life’s luxuries. Think of unboxing chocolates from an artisanal boutique, or lounging in a garden amid flowers heavy with nectar. Gourmand perfumes let you live elegantly even in everyday moments.

Their spirit of indulgence and self-care provides a needed sensory escape from modern stresses. Why save dessert just for special treats when you can make every day a little sweeter?

Find Your Signature Scent

Sample a range of gourmand perfumes to discover your perfect match. Contrast the playful candy floss of Hanae Mori Butterfly with Replica's By the Fireplace and its smoky, roasted chestnut. Keep an open mind - your signature awaits.

Unique as You Are

With so many options, from photorealistic gourmands to abstract interpretations, the choices can seem endless. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, embrace the possibilities and make the process playful.

Trust your senses and instincts over fragrance reviews. The perfect gourmand perfume is the one that whisks you away to your own private nirvana. Savour each experience until you find the one that feels like it was crafted just for you.

Don't worry about wearing what's popular either - your signature scent is about self-expression. Let your gourmand perfume reflect your unique essence and mood. A perfume wardrobe lets you alternate between different cravings each day.

We're here to help refine your selections until you discover the gourmand perfume that makes you feel luxuriously you. Then you can relish that blissful match forevermore.

The Final Word


Feed your craving for sensory delight with the irresistible world of gourmand perfumes. Lose yourself in nostalgia, indulge in edible luxuries, and discover new fragrance adventures. A melting pot of possibility awaits.

Whether you're indulging in the scent of vanilla, caramel, or chocolate, our gourmand perfume oils invite you to savour the sweet moments of life, one dab at a time

The Sweetest Things

Gourmand perfumes showcase the creativity perfumery offers. They provide sweet smelling enrichment - the sonic experience of smell - turning fragrance into music for the nose. Each heavenly accord is carefully composed to touch the soul.

So allow yourself to be transported, inspired, comforted. Revel in life's sensory adventures with the enchanting world of gourmand fragrances. After all, life is too short not to savour its treats.

Indulge in Echoes of Lost Cherry

This envelops you in a fantasy of sweet, ripe cherries and almonds. 

Tart cherry liqueur and exotic Turkish rose radiate decadence. 

Let this intimate floral gourmand spark nostalgia and transport you to an orchard of life's simplest luxuries. 

The sweet fruits contrast beautifully with resins and rare woods for depth that intrigues. 

Allow Echoes to help you rediscover innocent indulgence.

Bring home your own forbidden fruit temptation.

Echoes of Lost Cherry bottle with a graffiti background

Enter an Olfactory Daydream with Echoes of Baccarat Rouge 540

This is likened to the celebrity of extravagant gourmands, blending saffron and jasmine with ambergris. 

Its sublime candy floss sweetness has made it a contemporary hit. 

The sweet amber woods contrast decadently with whispers of floral nobility.

Treat yourself to sensory euphoria with this luxury fragrance jewel.

Echoes of Baccarat Rouge 540 bottle surrounded by flames

Embrace the Charm of Echoes of  Black Opium

Coffee, vanilla, and fresh florals blend with a modern edge. 

This ravishing gourmand captures addictive contrasts - vibrant yet creamy, edgy yet feminine. 

The coffee and vanilla provide comforting warmth.

The jasmine provides effervescent luminosity, while patchouli lends depth. Remind yourself that finding beauty and joy starts from within.

Make it your daily dose of olfactory delight.

Echoes of  Black Opium bottle on a bar

Indulge Your Senses with Echoes of Angels' Share

Enrobes you in heady cinnamon, toasted almond and peach nectar. 

You'll feel coveted, like the rare few sipping cognac from the angels' reserve. 

The cognac accord provides boozy warmth, contrasting gorgeously with the fruit. 

Embrace life's decadent pleasures without guilt.

Treat yourself to this devilishly delicious elixir.

Echoes of Angels

Find Joy with Echoes of La Vie Est Belle

Radiates smooth praline and iris in an emblem of happy optimism. 

Its message of embracing life's beauty will uplift your spirits. 

The jasmine provides effervescent luminosity, while patchouli lends depth.

Reminds you that finding beauty and joy starts from within.

Bring home this instant mood-booster today.

Echoes of La Vie Est Belle bottle on a table

Embrace Sweet Decadence with Echoes of Sweetie Aoud


Indulge your sugar craving with vanilla, caramel and rose against a smoky Aoud wood background. 

The contrast between sugary gourmand and intense oud wood fascinates the senses. 

Let this sweet yet carnal fragrance help you embrace both your devilish and angelic sides. 

Surrender to guilty olfactory pleasure - you deserve to feel pampered.

Wear this when you want to indulge in luxury.

Echoes of Sweetie Aoud  bottle on a table

Revel with Echoes of Angel

A  gourmand perfume oil with an audacious patchouli-chocolate accord. 

The contrast between sweet and savoury delights and intrigues the senses. 

A mystical innovation that reminds you to keep pursuing your wildest dreams.

Experience celestial enchantment.

Echoes of Angel  bottle in the heavens

Let your gourmand perfume adventure begin! Our gourmand perfume oil selections invite you to explore this tantalising perfume family, from chocolate seductions to modern smoky cocoas. Discover your signature scent and lose yourself in edible extravagance, nostalgic delight, and innovative creations. Craft your own bespoke sensory feast and relish the irresistible magic of gourmand perfumes.