About Us

Welcome to Echoes, where the love for fine watches, bespoke clothes, and classic fragrances brought three colleagues together. We're thrilled to share our story with you.

When we all first met, there was an instant connection. One of our shared passions was fragrance and we quickly realised that the fragrances we loved were often too expensive for many people to enjoy. It became clear that there was a longing for affordable options among fragrance enthusiasts. People would complement us on our scents but also express their desire for accessible alternatives.

Inspired by this realisation and after a lot of research, we embarked on an exciting experiment. After a lot of research we scoured the globe for the finest body fragrance oils as this market seemed exciting and under exposed, the search was on for ways to capture the essence of extraordinary scents.

One unforgettable night, just before heading out for a drink, we had an idea. We decided to wear only the oils we were testing.

The impact was immediate and electric. As we settled in at a bar, curious strangers were drawn to us, captivated by the aromas. We shared one of the roll-on testers with someone from the group, and they instantly fell in love with it, eager to purchase it on the spot. It was then that we realised there was not only a demand for evocative affordable scent oils but also for a portable pocket-sized product.

That's when the plan formed, to create portable fragrances that paid respect to the classics while offering a fresh and unparalleled experience. Our goal was to source the finest ingredients available, establish our own unique brand, and be transparent about how our products compared to others. We champion convenience, portability, and affordability, envisioning a transformation of the portable fragrance oil market into an exhilarating experience.

To our surprise, the first batch of fragrance oils sold out in a blink, surpassing even our wildest expectations. Undeterred, we swiftly launched a diverse collection of scents, catering to various age groups. We personally took on the task of labelling and bottling each oil, ensuring that these delightful scents became accessible to everyone at an affordable cost. We wanted people to carry their cherished fragrance oils wherever they went, creating their own personal sensory experiences.

The success continued to grow with the second batch, selling out even faster. It became clear that we needed a website and a vibrant social media presence to keep up with the demand. And that's when the next idea popped, "This appeals to people of all ages, from the young to the old. Let's get everyone involved and pay our respects to all the scents that we can."

And we was right. Since our launch in early 2023, Echoes has become a phenomenon. Building upon the success of our fragrance oils, we introduced and continue to build a  comprehensive range of Echoes body oils. Each new oil expertly captures a similar essence and character resemblance of an original classic, while confidently standing on its own.

At Echoes, we firmly believe that exceptional fragrances should be accessible to all. Our mission is simple—to bring you high-quality, affordable, and portable scent oils that ignite memories and awaken your senses. We want you to join us on this aromatic journey and become a part of the Echoes experience. We embrace individuals of all ages and celebrate scents from every era. Together, let's explore the captivating world of fragrances and connect through the language of scents.

So come on in and indulge in Echoes. Carry the essence of timeless fragrances with you, wherever you go. We're here to make sure you feel like part of our family.