Jet Set in Style: The Convenience of Travel Size Perfumes

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"Let me wander with an open mind and nose, my favourite scents in my bag, those little glass vials filled with memories and feelings. May they take me across all kinds of places, unlocking visions I'd forgotten, voices from long ago, the warmth of somewhere I used to know. With every step into the unknown may they whisper about who I was and watch as I become someone new. I'll follow fresh trails, through forests and fields, the moon lighting the way. My perfumes will tell of flowers found and fruits plucked fresh from vines, their notes mixing with my own until our spirits blend as one. We'll travel on together, leaving a trace of our passage wherever we roam, so other searching souls may find their own path opened up before them."

Echoes Says

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The Convenient Charm of Travel Size Perfumes

For jetsetters and glampers alike, travel size perfumes allow you to journey in luxurious scent anywhere your wanderlust takes you. Read on for the convenience of mini travel size perfumes, tips for building your travel fragrance wardrobe, and how to choose the perfect portable scents.

The Perks of Travel-Ready Perfumes

Travel size perfumes offer many advantages for exploring near and far



✔️ Toss & Go Portability - Easily pack minis in your carry-on, handbag, or luggage without heaviness. 

✔️ Size Compliance - Most airlines restrict liquids over 100ml/3.4 oz, but our perfume oils at 10ml slide through security with no hassle. Avoid confiscated treasures.

✔️ Maximised Suitcase Real Estate - Mini perfumes conserve precious space for souvenirs in your luggage. 

✔️ Wardrobe Variety - Carry an assortment of moods, occasions, and destinations in scent form. 

✔️ Cost-Effective Sampling - Try new fragrances affordably before committing to a full bottle. Great for gift-giving too!

✔️ Subtle Applications - Apply oils sparingly for a delicate scent trail that won’t overwhelm in tight spaces like planes or hotels.

✔️ Eco-Friendly - Minis mean less waste and responsible use of perfumes. Lower your travel footprint.

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Build Your Ideal Travel Size Perfumes Wardrobe

With portable sizes, tailor a diverse travel size perfume selection for any getaway


✈️ All-Occasion Favourites - Your signature scent you can rely on morning to night, rain or shine.

✈️ Mood Boosters - Fragrances that energise and uplift spirits when you need a pick-me-up.

✈️ Nightlife Dynamos - Bolder evening scents for festivities, dining out, and adventures after dark.

✈️ Sultry Seductresses - Charming fragrances for romantic restaurants, encounters, and quality couple time.

✈️ Escapist Fantasies - Scents transporting you to tropical beaches, alpine peaks, or bustling foreign cities.

✈️ Nostalgic Fragrances - Perfumes connecting you to beautiful travel memories and reminding you of home.

With a well-curated mini collection, you have the perfect portable potion for any occasion, mood, or destination. 

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Choosing Travel-Friendly Fragrances

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Travel size perfumes that capture the essence of your travels

Citrus - Bright, mood-lifting scents like bergamot, lemon, and orange to start your day refreshed.

Floral - Elegant, feminine and romantic rose, jasmine, tuberose for wining and dining.

Fresh - Crisp, revitalising scents with green notes and water accords that evoke lush nature.

Woody - Warm, sensual cedar, sandalwood, amber for cosy evenings in your hotel.

Oriental - Enchanting vanilla, incense, exotic spices that whisk you to new horizons.

Gourmand - Tempting, indulgent chocolate, caramel, vanilla for desserts and decadence.

Aquatic - Cool, refreshing sea salt spray, watery fruits that conjure ocean adventures.

Fruity - Playful, mouthwatering juicy berries, citrus, tropical fruits perfect for daytime excursions.

Green - Verdant, crisp grasses, leaves, stems for hikes through forests or fields.

Powdery - Ethereal, delicate veil of iris, heliotrope, soft talc for relaxed mornings.

Spicy - Evocative, warming cinnamon, clove, cardamom for cold weather wanderings.

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"Carry these handy Echoes roll-on travel size perfumes in your bag's front pocket for a touch of enchantment anytime. These luxury perfume oils are compact, won't leak, and feel luxurious. With them, you can create a personal fragrance collection that fits in your hand."

Customise Your Scent for Any Occasion

Whether you're off to a yoga retreat in Costa Rica, attending Milan Fashion Week, exploring London's nightlife, or meeting the parents at Christmas, there's a travel size perfume oil for every mood. Our range of niche perfume oils in small sizes lets you choose the perfect scent for any event, turning your handbag or manbag into a personalised perfume shop.

From Beach to Dancefloor

The freedom of carrying multiple signature scents is exhilarating! Have a zesty bergamot for the beach during the day and switch to a sultry oud for evenings out. Keep a nostalgic favourite for a touch of home, a sexy musk for romantic moments, and a refreshing citrus for long travel days. You'll be prepared for any journey.

Travel Light, Smell Fantastic 

You can only bring 100ml of liquid in your carry-on, but our 10ml oils are the perfect solution. Use them sparingly - a little goes a long way. A couple of dabs will leave a delicate scent trail without overwhelming. For longer trips, pack 2-3 oils that complement each other, like vanilla for the evening and a rose for the day. You'll smell amazing for weeks with minimal liquid.

Eco-Friendly Perfume 

Choosing Echoes travel size perfume oils not only saves space but also benefits the planet. Unlike large bottles, our oils create less waste. The rollerballs prevent accidental spills or leaks while travelling. Plus, you can refill the roll-ons with your favourite perfumes, reducing single-use plastic. These bottles are perfect for reuse on your future getaways.

Let the Scented Adventures Begin 

Whether you're backpacking across Europe or glamping in the sticks, you'll have everything you need to smell fantastic in a portable package. Embrace the world and capture your scented travel memories. We can't wait to assist you in finding the ideal travel size perfume oils for your next adventure.